Kitty Boxx

Kitty Boxx

Selected play and food fun

The lovingly designed Boxx contains all kinds of useful things to make a cat's heart beat faster! A clever gift idea with great products to snack on, try out and test for more fun in everyday cat life - perfect for your own cat or a cat fan friend! Suitable for cats of all sizes and breeds.

Developed with our own cats!

To ensure the best possible quality, food and play fun, we test all our products in advance with our own cats Nahla and Simba. They are particularly picky when it comes to food and toys - and are therefore particularly critical test cats. We only include in our range what the two fluffy critics find to be good.

Cat love in the Boxx

Great joy when giving and unpacking - for everyone involved :)

Our Boxx contains: Cat gifts like Sanabelle cat food and treats, Matatabi dental sticks for dental hygiene and cat grass seeds from Pretty Kitty, cat toys, fun inspiration for playing, a snack toy, a postcard set and more!

Discover new products in the Kitty Boxx - for example our Pretty Kitty Matatabi Sticks!

The dental sticks are not only good for your cat's dental health - they are also an exciting toy! The natural scents contained in the sticks have a stimulating effect on many cats. For most cats, the essential oils in the Matatabi Sticks encourage them to lick, chew or roll on the floor.

It helps against plaque and thus reduces bad breath. It is important to actively involve the sticks in playing with the cat. So the Matatabi sticks are a great cat toy with added health value! You can find these and many more exciting products in our gift box for little tigers! 

Socially responsible packing

The boxes are packed with love and care in workshops for people with disabilities. The aim of these workshops is to offer people with disabilities a professional perspective and personal development. We are very happy about this collaboration.



Please note that our Boxxes are entirely German.