Uni Boxx

Uni Boxx

For more motivation and fun in everyday student life!

Whether for your own studies or as a gift for your friends, children or grandchildren - the Uni-Boxx is the right choice!

Increases motivation

With the right equipment and useful tips for the perfect learning day, the Uni-Boxx offers everything your heart desires!

These include a 12-pack of Neuronade Think Drink, the Lavodia Sleep Well pillow spray for a restful night's sleep, delicious snacks, mini games for a little study break, a downloadable audio book "How can I concentrate better?", the 8-point master plan for a successful exam, a fun postcard set, an origami set including instructions, the Mathematics Maths app, sticky note pads, ear plugs and more!

Socially responsible packing

The boxes are packed with love and care in workshops for people with disabilities. The aim of these workshops is to offer people with disabilities a professional perspective and personal development. We are very happy about this collaboration.

Total value of over 50 euros

Also clever for the wallet - the Uni-Boxx contains parts that have a total value of over 50 euros. But the Uni-Boxx is even more than the sum of its parts: plus the joy of giving and unpacking!


Please note that our Boxxes are entirely German.